First Impressions

Posted: July 08, 2015

I'm really excited to be entering into the Double Degree program. While I was in high school, my first thoughts about university were that I would go for something related to mathematics. However, once I took some business classes, I began to think that business was the correct path for me. Thankfully, in my grade 11 year I was able to attend the University Fair, and I learned that Wilfrid Laurier offered a Double Degree program that combined both of these subjects. From that point on, I had shifted my focus when it came to university.

I submitted my OUAC application in early December, applying to both the University of Waterloo as well as Wilfrid Laurier, as any future double degree student should. Applying to both schools effectively doubles your chances of getting an offer, as you will be considered for a spot at both schools. I believed, however, that I wanted my home school to be Wilfrid Laurier. In my mind, the additional co-op term that Waterloo offered simply was not as appealing to me as the $25,000 scholarship offered by Laurier.

It was late February when Laurier sent me an email letting me know that I had been accepted. I was ecstatic! I hadn’t even been on a campus tour and yet my gut was saying that this was the program for me. Luckily for me, Laurier offered a March Break Open House. I registered and couldn’t wait to step onto campus to see what it felt like.

A week prior to the Open House at Laurier, I attended Waterloo’s Pi Day Open House (March 14 [3.14] for those not mathematically inclined). What was the difference? As soon as I stepped onto the Laurier campus, I knew that was where I wanted to spend my next five years.

As soon as I stepped onto the Laurier campus, I felt a sense of community. For me, it was the small things that really made me feel welcome. Whether that was the current students holding the door open as we walked into a building, students saying please or thank you to each other, or simply their friendly attitudes, I knew that I would be able to fit in.

Coming from a small high school, that community feel is something very important to me. Wilfrid Laurier is one of the smaller universities in Southern Ontario, with only 17,000 undergraduate students. This means that there are more opportunities to run into fellow students, get involved in activities, and to get to know your professors. For me, all of these are very important factors when choosing a university.

I remember the days when university reps would come and speak to those of us in high school. One of the things they encouraged was to visit different campuses and see how they felt. After my experience, I know why. There are some universities that, as soon as you step on campus, you know you’d be happy with. For me, that university was Laurier.

Next week I’ll go more in depth regarding the Open House itself, as that’s something I didn’t really cover here

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