2016 Resolutions Update - March 31

Posted: March 31, 2016

I can't believe it's already the end of March! With 25% of 2016 already finished, here is my March update for my 2016 resolutions.

1. Start learning Italian - (300 day streak on DuoLingo)
After a disappointing performance in February (Long story short: I missed a day and lost my 300+ day streak), I met my goal every day this month. I haven't switched back to Italian yet - as of now I'm still working on German - but hopefully I can pick up Italian again once I'm finished school.

At the end of the day this goal is simply a stepping stone. One day I hope to be able to communicate with people in a wide variety of language, so in my mind progress - regardless of which language it is focused on - is still progress.

2. Keep at least a 10.5 GPA across all courses
My second semester classes are all starting to wrap up, leaving only exams. My last exam is on the 16th, which means that in just over two shorts weeks I will be done my first year! 

As I go into exams I am starting to wonder if I am selling myself short. Although I don't want to put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself, I think it is more than possible to aim for 11s or 12s in each course (85%+). I finished last semester with a GPA of 11.0/12, and that's what I'm hoping to end this semester with as well. Especially in math, my final exams are worth upwards of 60% of my final grade. With such a large portion of my final mark being decided based on a 2.5 hour long exam, it's so very important to be prepared.

I should find out most, if not all of my marks by the end of April, so by the end of the month I'll be able to reflect back on exactly how this semester went academically.

3. Write an ebook
Still no progress in this area. The thought that keeps popping into my mind is, "What can I write about that will be meaningful to others?" Hopefully I'll have more time to think about this question once exams are finished. Although 3 months are over, 9 still remain... there is plenty of time left to wrap this goal up.

4. Spend semesters 2 & 3 at university getting more involved with everything Laurier offers
As sad as it is, semester 2 is coming to a close. I always thought that semesters at university lasted 4 months... now I see that in reality, a semester is twelve weeks of classes followed by two weeks of exams. 

Now that classes are pretty well finished, the entire student body shifts their focus onto exams. Even if I wanted to, there isn't much for me to get involved in. I made a good effort getting involved as much as I did during these past three months, and I think those experiences are what I need to reflect on during these next two weeks of exams.


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