Below is a subset of the programming tasks I have worked on.

Numerous programming projects through work ... please see my resume above for some notable mentions.

Solved 83 problems on Project Euler using primarily Python. Currently ranked in the top 1.83% of 1,034,011 total users. Username: MatthewDonovan.

Created a PHP based voicemail system to integrate with Twilio featuring button-press for different departments, voicemail recordings, and custom email notification after a voicemail is left.

Developed a Python program to automate sports betting for a client. This program scrapes various websites to download data including: betting odds, standings, win percentage, win/loss streaks, pitcher rankings, and uses a proprietary algorithm to identify bettable games. This program was able to turn a daily, hour-long process into a 20 second job.

Downloaded both player and registration databases for Orangeville Baseball going back 7 years. Used Python to create a database of all players containing data from each year (division & level played). This project required identifying and consolidating entries with same name and different birthday, as well as different birthday but similar names.

Developed a Python program to accommodate Orangeville Baseball "Play with requests". This program reads in all player data for a given division and outputs a file where each player has either been placed into a "play with request chain" or is listed as a free agent. Previously this job was done manually for the over 500 registered players each year.

Downloaded a .csv file containing data from over 1,200 invoices created in PayPal and used Python to generate a unique HTML file for each invoice. The company had opted to switch invoicing systems and as such required a copy of past invoices in an easily searchable format. In addition, a "master file" was created containing information from each invoice such as invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, recipient details, etc.